Saint Mary’s University partners with St Barbara on remediation of historic mine tailing in wetlands

St Barbara is excited to announce a five-year partnership with Dr. Linda Campbell of Saint Mary’s University, a leading scientist in historic mine tailing remediation. The strategic partnership and financial investment between St Barbara and Dr. Campbell will help advance world leading research that has the opportunity to impact local and global environments.

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Dr. Linda Campbell, Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Campbell and her team are currently working on ways to remediate historic mine tailings sites by using proven expertise from previous studies. The new strategy is designed to be low cost and support the natural recovery of wetlands and shallow water environments.

At St Barbara, we use our five guiding principals to be a successful, leading, and growing Gold Company. Two of those are: respecting the environment and creating stronger communities. This strategic partnership exemplifies these principals.

At St Barbara, respecting the environment means operating at the highest environmental standard in the present time and supporting and assisting in the remediation of historical mine sites that existed long before the environmental rules and regulations we have today.

Creating stronger communities is important in the direct communities we operate in, as well as the larger provincial, national and global communities we belong to. Dr. Campbell’s research has the opportunity to benefit communities both close to home and abroad.

We look forward to sharing progress updates in the future from Dr. Campbell and her team.

You can find out more about Dr. Linda Campbell’s work by clicking here.

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